Argan Oil FAQ

Does it absorb quickly?

Argan Oil is fast-absorbing. Making it ideal to be used morning and night, even under makeup.

Can I wear it under makeup? 

Argan oil is light enough to be worn under makeup.

Can it be used on the whole body?

Argan oil works on any body part.

Would it help with stretch marks?

Argan Oil helps repair acne scars and stretch marks.

A 2016 preliminary study using Argan oil-based creams on stretch marks revealed a positive effect on increasing skin elasticity, suggesting its benefits in preventing and treating stretch marks. 

Does it work against acne or scars?

The antioxidants in argan oil help reverse acne scars and keep your skin looking young for years to come...

Can I use it on my lips?

Argan Oil is a great natural alternative to chemicals-full lip moisturizers.

Does it irritate sensitive skin?

Argan oil is soothing in the skin, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin.

Is it good for dry skin?

Argan oils work with every type of skin or body part.

Does it work during winter days?

Argan Oil works particularly well during winter days. Add a layer of protection to your skin during those cold days when your skin is under the hardest conditions. 

Is it easy to apply?

All you need is a couple of minutes in the morning and before bed.

Does it clog pores?

Quite the opposite, Argan oil helps keep pores clean.