Three devotee scientists, proud of their Moroccan Heritage are at the source of Nectarome. Their mission is to bring back the centennial grandmother recipes because of their profound believe that Nature is very often sufficient in itself, provided we listen to it. Our ancestors had well understood this. The Moroccan beauty traditions thus hold much richness for whomever can appreciate the value of their components. Let us stay humble towards these centuries of accumulated, tested and reworked knowledge. Let us do our part to contribute to leaving a trace on this path that has been roamed by our ancestors and which our children will walk on. Nectarome therefore answers to today’s needs by reworking ancestral recipes with an elaborate scientific knowledge, for a modern and dynamic brand with high-quality natural products.


Nectarome products come to you from the first Organic Aromatic garden in Morocco, 35km away from Marrakesh in the Ourika Valley. The garden showcases around fifty aromatic and medicinal plants originating from the region. Nectarome pledges to hire a maximum of people from the Ourika region. This commitment has made Nectarome the first employer in the valley offering much needed work opportunities for the locals in the region, especially to the women of the village, who are very often without an income and are embracing this new found independence to help provide for their families.

Not only is it essential to raise awareness among our consumers in general about the benefits of organic farming and natural products, but also to explain to the local inhabitants the benefits of a sustainable and healthy form of agriculture.

Product Commitment

All of Nectarome’s products are void of harmful, undesirable or aggressive substances. They do not contain any parabens, paraffin, phthalates or toxic solvents. They are all inspired by traditional Moroccan beauty techniques and recipes, reworked with advanced modern scientific knowledge. They are designed by scientists with international training, specialized in the field of wellbeing, natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and phytotherapy. None of Nectarome’s products are tested on animals