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The history of Argan oil goes back over ONE THOUSAND YEARS!

Throughout the last thousands of years, Argan oil has been hand extracted by Moroccan women.

This powerful Liquid Gold doesn’t come easily.

It takes approximately 90 pounds of Argan fruit and 24 hours of manual labor to make one litter of Argan oil.

There are plenty of reasons why Moroccans call the Argan tree “The tree of life” and Argan oil “liquid gold”

Thanks to its powerful skincare properties, Argan oil has gone from only used in Moroccan cousin to a One Billion Dollar Skincare industry.

Argan oil is light enough to wear under makeup, rich enough to combat oily skin, strong enough to repair scars and prevent future skin damage

For the past centuries, Argan oil has helped millions of people buff off years of damage from their skin. While adding not more than 5 minutes to their routine.

A chance to take off years of damage from your skin

That’s right, the oil from the miracle tree of life will not only repair scars from your skin, but it will also prevent future damage.

Argan oil is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, and Omega 3 fatty acids. All crucial ingredients for healthy skin.

People with all kinds of skin problems have experienced the
benefits of Moroccan’s liquid gold.

Are they up to something?
Goats would literally climb trees to get some Argan fruit!

It's time to rejuvenate your skin